A beautiful smile can lift your spirits and also have a positive effect on the people around you. If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, talk with a specialist at San Diego Dental Implant Center about the dental implant procedure. Statistics show that by the age of 35, one out of every three adults has lost at least one tooth. Furthermore, one third of adults have lost all of their teeth by the age of 74. These are startling facts, but Dr. Rickard and our team are here to restore that beautiful smile for life!

Dental implants help you recover from the ravages of diseases past and give you another first Second Chance to have teeth that look great, feel great, and help energize your life. We are experts at helping people just like you recover from the past, whether challenging experiences, dental fears, or present time difficulties. It is what we are known for. Now you can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Losing teeth? Lost some already? About to lose one or all of them?

Don’t want to face the embarrassment of plates and fakes that cripple your ability to smile and chew with comfort? Want to prevent premature wrinkles, aging, and that denture look? A dental implant dentist in San Diego, CA can help.

Look Good and Feel Good Again With San Diego CA Dental Implants

Now you can enjoy a great look and recovery from the problems of dental disease and tooth loss. In fact, dental implants are typically the preferred methodology for replacing one tooth to one section to one arch of teeth. For some, dental implants help rebuild and restore the ravages of dental problems past, getting out of dentures or never resorting to them in the first place. With life spans increasing and the demand for quality of life throughout all of one’s years, dental implants give new life, renewed vigor and a new sense of wholeness.

Remember this: Dental implants help you preserve the bone in your jaws, help prevent wrinkles and for most, wipe years away from your looks.

We aren’t sure what our patients appreciate most: how good they look, a great smile, or the ability to chew all of the foods they want. Some tell us that they feel so much better-vibrant, more alive and somehow “connected” more to life and all it brings. One patient said, “ I feel whole again”.

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry are the modern miracles giving you a third set “to enjoy”, smile and chew with.

We’ve been providing dental implants since 1983. Some would call that the experience they want. We believe it has given us the experience and confidence to handle virtually all challenging missing teeth situations.

Wouldn’t it make sense to give us a call? When you do, you’ll chat with one of our dental health counselors by phone, get your questions answered and decide on your next step. Call us today and take the first step towards a beautiful, healthy, new smile.

We have been placing dental implants in San Diego for 25 years. If you are looking for San Diego dental implants or California dental implants, then we may be the perfect fit for you.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a bio-compatible screw-like titanium fixture that is surgically placed into the jawbone. After healing is complete and the implant is anchored in the bone, an implant post or abutment and permanent tooth can be attached in a variety of designs

What’s Different About San Diego Implants Dentistry and What Can It Do For You?

A lot. Experience dentistry in a way you’ve never experienced it before. Competence you can count on. 20+ years of providing dental implants. Successful treatment. Your satisfaction.” GENTLE, FRIENDLY DENTISTRY.

That is truly what you will experience at San Diego Implants office. You will never be afraid to go to the dentist again! The caring and excellent staff at this office will make each trip a good experience. I would also add PERFECTION AND PROFESSIONALISM.

“I will say, I too was apprehensive about going to a new dentist for the first time. Although I took my children for their regular checkups, I myself had not been going and definitely needed some dental work.

My dental implant surgery went great and I have been thankful for it ever since. My jaw line is very firm, eating is a pleasure, and of course, I smile all the time. Each time I go to my dental hygienist who is also a true professional, my teeth are checked by him or one of his associates.

The entire staff is friendly, caring, and helpful. I find their fees in keeping with other dentists, but their Perfection and Professionalism are above anyone’s expectations.

I consider implants one of my gifts in this lifetime. It was a beautiful day that I walked into this office.” – Peggy R

If Dentistry Has Been Difficult For you, The Dread Is Gone! It’s Over! You Can Relax!

Join us at the San Diego Dental Implants. Call today to set up your free consultation. Our number is , and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.